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Moya, Decodable, and RxSwift Bindings

If your application integrates with a REST API, one of the first things you’ll implement is a network abstraction and serialization layer. Moya and Decodable are examples of libraries that make this dead simple for Swift / iOS. You don’t want to repeat the same boilerplate code accessing each resource, so let’s create generic extensions that will make our life easier.

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Dockerfiles for Hugo and S3 Website

In the last post we used two docker images to publish a static site, one for encapsulating our Hugo process and another for the S3 website tool. I received a few direct messages asking how to customize these images. Here’s a quick addendum to show you the Dockerfiles for both.

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So Recursive It Hurts

Create static websites with Hugo, Docker, and Amazon S3

Hugo is the new kid on the block in the world of static site generators. Docker has set the DevOps world ablaze by popularizing container technology. Naturally, I’ll be perpetuating the hype train for both with my blog. Let’s run Hugo in a Docker container, generate my website, and host it using Amazon S3.

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